What We Do

At Channel Mark Investments, we operate by learning, innovating, creating, and delivering results.

Our Investments: Channel Mark Investments invests in opportunities in which we add value well beyond the commitment of capital. Our operating philosophy is anchored in a foundation of honesty, integrity, and uncompromising professionalism. Great venture capital investing requires the ability to see opportunity “vision” where others see challenge “obstacles.” Company builders and market experts are words that describe venture done “right.”

Who You Are

Unconventional entrepreneurs build great products and companies. Therefore Channel Mark Investments partners with entrepreneurs and start-ups who think differently and who want to solve the big problems. They have a unquenchable passion, commitment, vision, and most of all, an unstoppable desire to be successful. We invest in founder-led, capital efficient companies and individuals that have the potential for fast-growing usage, scalable broad applications, with multiple streams of revenues. The technologies we invest in are vastly unique, hard to duplicate, sustainable, and well-crafted for the target market.

As a multi-stage venture capital firm, Channel Mark Investments focuses on high-growth opportunities in the Information Technology, Internet and Consumer, Healthcare Information, Big Data, and Clean Energy sectors. Our goal is to help dynamic companies transform the way business is done.


Channel Mark Investments seed program serves entrepreneurs with bold new ideas raising up to $500,000 in capital. In addition to a quick decision process, the seed program offers access to Channel Mark’s partners, portfolio companies and relationships to help startups as they develop. We lead and syndicate seed investments.

Early Stage

For our early stage investments, we look to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to help create industry-defining companies. Channel Mark typically invests $1M to $5M in early stage companies ranging from concepts to companies with products already in market.

We are very proactive in our continued strategic expansion and growth of our global distribution reach in an effort to add significant value to each of our strategic business Investments.